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Maeve Woodhouse


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Corrosion Signet Ring
Made in Australia

this collection is homage to traditional forms in jewellery, the signet ring, the pendant and the drop earring, cuff-ring and simple band- all adornments with long and rich histories. it also brings us full circle to the very origins of the precious materials, to the time these minerals and jewels were forged, deep in the earth.

for hundreds of years signet rings have borne an identifying mark that links them with their wearers: a seal, or engraved initials.
the polished face splits to reveal 18ct yellow gold, a uniquely shaped volcanic fissure in each ring.  No one ring is exactly like another. 
the crack creeps onto a polished surface reminding us that although we have the ability to manipulate organic materials, nature has a force of its own.

- handmade in melbourne
- oxidised and polished sterling silver

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