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NOM*d 'A.K.A' S22

September 13, 2021

NOM*d 'A.K.A' S22

We are excited to have received the first drop of new season NOM*d - 
'A.K.A' now instore at ZAMBESI Wellington & online! (to be instore in Auckland once we shift out of Level 4 Lockdown!)

Here's what we can share about the collection, from the iconic Dunedin brand:


As the mercury rises, NOM*d proposes a new kind of layering to combat the fervour of summer. Forged from strange names and aliases, A.K.A will be your shield this season.

Nostalgic touchstones are reimagined through futuristic possibilities. Antiquities and relics undergo a digital excavation, printed in distorted verdigris and petal hues, allowed to scatter and re-emerge in unexpected ways. Cross-stitched fabric appears as itself, and as textured facsimile, scanned and manipulated into a coded cyber language. In an ode to the nom de plume, cultural heroes are collaged in a secretive game of guess who.

This is an estival mystery of memories concealed and revealed. On the hottest of days, a mirage of silk mesh holds a surreal promise. Silhouettes of cotton skim the body in airy blossom, grass and sky. 

A.K.A presents a vision of lost bliss - a love song for October and beyond.