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November 17, 2017


- Tell us a bit about your styling process for dressing the band.

Openside are such a dope, fresh looking band with an amazing sound. They already look cool without even trying too hard. So I wanted to enhance their "effortless" cool vibe as individuals but maintaining a cohesive visual as a band. The VNZMA's are our equivalent to The Grammys, so this is a chance to stand out from the rest. And Zambesi was the perfect marriage between the two.

- Do you have a favourite Zambesi piece from the Spring Summer collection ?

SAMMY: My favourite piece is definitely the Brighton jacket in the gumboot with the signature Zambesi buttons. A piece that looks great styled up but can also translate to a more casual affair, that's the kind of piece you want in your wardrobe.


Make-up, Hair & Photography by Darren Meredith 

George from Openside wears the Zambesi Brighton jacket