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Raf Simons Closing after 27 Years

November 22, 2022

Raf Simons Closing after 27 Years

After 27 incredible years at the forefront of mens fashion worldwide, Raf Simons has decided to close his namesake label.

“The Spring/Summer 2023 collection is the conclusion of an extraordinary 27 year journey and the final season of the Raf Simons fashion brand,” the designer wrote on his instagram earlier today.

“I lack the words to share how proud I am of all that we have achieved. I am grateful for the incredible support from my team, from my collaborators, from the press and buyers, from my friends and family, and from our devoted fans and loyal followers.”

“Thank you all, for believing in our vision and for believing in me.”

Raf Simons Closing
Raf Simons influence is immeasurable. We asked Dayne Johnston (Zambesi menswear designer, buyer and long-standing admirer of Raf Simons) to reflect:

"As a buyer for Zambesi I attended my first Raf Simons show with Elisabeth Findlay in 2006, I then continued to attend 25 consecutive shows in a row at Paris and New York Fashion Weeks. I got to meet Raf twice and each season his shows were the highlight of my buying trips for Zambesi.

The last buying trip I did before the pandemic was in January 2020, the last show I attended on the outskirts of Paris in a film studio. At the showroom I had the honour to talk with Raf and congratulate him on his collection, he shook my hand and it felt special, we spoke for some time." 

‘‘Thank you for brightening my world Raf, for the shows and the inspiration, so many fond memories, I will hold onto these forever.’’

Dayne Johnston & Raf Simons
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Raf Simons