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Simone Rocha S21

May 10, 2021

Simone Rocha S21

New season Simone Rocha has arrived at Zambesi Ponsonby & Wellington!

Below, Simone Rocha talks to AnotherMag about the collection, created in isolation (during Covid-19).

“This collection is about comfort and security in the extreme. I wanted to create something signature and significant. I was looking at identity, personality, the provocative and a suggestive intimacy.

[My main references were] the female form, the body. I was looking at a work by Richard Prince and Bettie Kline ... That then brought me to the idea of the form and body and how it was also portrayed historically.

This season it was about finding the balance in the sobering and exploding, pragmatic and foreboding, personal, provocative, suggestive intimacy and excavating. [I was trying to evoke] strength, fragility, understanding, stillness and resolve."