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March 29, 2018



The upcoming Zambesi Campaign for AW 2018 features a cast of beautiful and interesting people, photographed by Marissa Findlay.

Among them are The Katayanagi Twins a.k.a. twin turntablist duo China + RainWe spoke to them ahead of their next gig, the incredibly exciting all-female 'Jess B's Block Party' taking place in Auckland next week. 

Photography Marissa Findlay | Make-up Kiekie Stanners @ MAC Cosmetics | Hair Kelly Manu @ Redken | With thanks to N Model Management

Words: Sophie Findlay

what do you do in the daytime?

rain: sleep

china: relaxxxxxxx

what do you do at nighttime?

china: make that coin

 not sleep

what are your childhood music memories like? who influenced your musical tastes as you grew up?

rain: our childhood music was influenced by our mum, she had an amazing taste in music. as we grew older our dad definitely made a huge impact on our music taste, he would test us with songs from the 60’s-90’s from all different genres, and he’d show us where songs were sampled from. we were blessed. 

china: raised round 90s rnb and 00s pop

what do you really care about at the moment?

rain: bryson a.k.a vai lord a.k.a the loml

china:my bed and my momma

tell us about the best gig you guys have played so far?

china: the best gig i played was my first gig at roxy cos all the bros were there

rain: our first dj gig! all our homies were there, and it was the first time we turned a club into a mosh pit!!!!!

what’s your favourite song lyric?

rain: “realities like allergies, i’m afraid to go nuts” - childish gambino / life the biggest troll

china: when they say i’m not hot all these lies needa stop cos i’m icy

are you both pretty much on the same wavelength musically? how do you work together as duo turntablist’s?

rain: we aren’t really on the same wave with music but we’re similar. i don’t play for the crowd, i play for myself. i’m tryin to educate these people wit new music, so when y’all not vibing to my immaculate music selection just kno i’m putting y’all on for the best. 

china: rain likes to play for herself and i like playing for everyone incl myself, that’s how we work together as turntablist’s we go back to back with mainstream and underground music.

what song makes you feel better?

rain: it really depends on my mood but the beach boys don’t worry baby. 

china:trippie redd - feel good & kanye west - flashing lights

the zambesi aw18 collection features the mottos ‘keep up the quality' ‘never give up’ and ‘don’t be afraid’. what are your mottos and what do they mean to you?

rain: “EAT GOOD, LOOK GOOD, BE GOOD, AND DO GOOD” it literally means to be the best u at all times. 

china: try everything once, it means get your moneys worth outta life

tell us about the block party you guys are performing at?

rain: oh my wife jess b is throwing the best block party of 2018!!!!!!!! i’m so excited, and honoured to be playing the same event as these other amazing female artists.

china: the block party is gonna be super SICK because it’s a female only line up :,) so everyone can see ya gurls doing there thang

what are you really proud of?

rain: besides myself? my sister, harry, manas, and bryson. 

china: other than me n my sis, im super proud of my friends ❤

what should we be listening to right now?

china: fiveofive!!!!

rain: me, i have a lot to say. 



The Katayanagi Twins play Jess B's Block Party on Friday April 6th Galatos alongside the all female line-up of Jess B,Silva MC, Oriko, Half Queen, Native B, Coven & a special guest appearance by Ladi 6. 


Check out theKatayanagi Twins Soundcloud | Thanks to N Model Management

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